portrait of Barbara Nascimbeni

Born in Italy 1969, she studied illustration in Milano and Darmstadt.
She participated at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 1995 and 1996
and at different shows of italian illustrators.
She works with international editors from England, France, Italy, Germany and Korea, her books are translated in many languages.
She lives and works in Hamburg and Sorède.

Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Ladybirdbooks, Evans Brothers, Hachettechildren’s books – Child's Play - England. Nathan, Éditions Milan, Bayard Édition, Escabelle – France. Fischer Verlag, Peter Hammer Verlag, Gabriel Verlag, Sauerländer, Ravensburger, Elefanten Press, Bertelsmann – Germany. Edizioni E.L., Mondadori, Salani – Italy. Neugebauer, Residenz Verlag– Austria. Readers Digest - USA. Yeowon Media - Korea.

Éditions Bayard:
"L’Encyclo Catho" 2008.
"Les visages de Dieu" by Marie-Hélène Delval, 2010.
"Le rire de Jiha" by Michel Piquemal, 2011.
"Les Animaux et leur famille" 2011.
Le Bonhomme vert:
"Quand Jules se prend la tête" by Françoise Gerbaulet, 2011.
"Be strong Sam" by Cecil Kim, 2011.
Peter Hammer Verlag:
"Alle einsteigen" by Barbara Nascimbeni, 2007.
"Wenn der Löwe brüllt" by Nasrin Siege, 2009.
"Kleiner Riese, großer Zwerg" by Werner Holzwarth, 2011.
Fischer Verlag:
"Vinni macht Ferien" 2005.
“Vinni im Winter” 2006.
“Vinni in Venedig” 2007, by Peter Lidbeck.
"Wir haben dich immer lieb” by Christine Merz, 2011. -
Elefanten Press:
"Ananzi ist schuld" by Peter Paul Zahl, 1999.
Residenz Verlag:
"Warten auf Gustav" by Georg Bydlinski, 2011.
Gabriel Verlag:
"Das Vaterunser" by Rainer Oberthuer, 2013.
"Die neue Erzählbibel" by Martina Steinkühler , 2015.
"What if" by Jonathan Shipton, 1999.
“Small brown dog bad remembering day” by Mike Gibbie, 1999.
"Archie hates pink" by Karen Wallace, 2001.
“Rude mule” by Pamela Duncan Edwards, 2002.
"The higgledy piggledy pigs" by Sally Crabtree, 2004.
Edizioni E.L:
"Un attimo prima di dormire" by Stefano Bordiglioni, 2004.
"Storie per chi le vuole" by Roberto Piumini, 2003.
"Un bambino e il suo papá" by David Grossman, 1999.
"Il bambino della mamma" by Seruya Shalev, 2004.
"Le avventure di Itamar" by David Grossman, 2010.
"Itamar il cacciatore di sogni" by David Grossman, 2011.
"Fiabe di Mare" by Italo Calvino, 2013.